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Special Including: all you can eat salad bar, appetizer, soup, and fruits of the day

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L-1 Pad Thai                                                                                         $8.95

       Stir-fried thin rice noodles with chicken, egg, bean sprout peanuts

L-2 Pad Prik King                                                                           $8.95
Choice of meat stir-fried with green beans and special curry sauce

L-3 Princess Chicken                                                                         $8.95
Slice chicken stir-fried with onion, roasted cashews and dried chili

L-4 Taste of Ginger                                                                            $8.95
       Stir-fried fresh ginger, Choice of meat with onion, white mushrooms, broccoli
       and snow pea in a Thai black sauce

L-5 Taste of Basil                                                                        $8.95
       Stir-fried Choice of meat with onion, bell pepper, green bean, chili & basil in Thai black sauce

L-6 Basil Fried Rice                                                                    $8.95
       Stir-fried rice with onions, bell peppers, chili, garlic and basil with Choice of meat

L-7 Original Fried Rice                                                                      $8.95

Stir-fried rice with
Choice of meat , egg batter, onions and tomatoes

L-8 Pad Se Ewe                                                                                   $8.95
       Stir-fried rice noodle, Choice of meat, egg, broccoli, bean sprout, and sweet brown sauce

L-9 Pad Kee Mao                                                                        $8.95
Choice of meat stir-fried with rice noodles, egg, broccoli, & bean sprouts

L-10 Chicken Peanut Sauce                                                                  $8.95
       Thinly sliced chicken breast with green beans & onion, in a rich peanut sauce

L-11 Veggie Lover                                                                              $8.95
         Stir-fried mixed vegetables with Choice of meat or tofu and mushrooms

L-12 Garlic Chicken / Shrimp ( add $ 2 )                                               $8.95
         Stir-fried chicken with vegetables in garlic sauce served with brown or white rice

L-13 Basil Seafood                                                                         $10.95

         Shrimp, mussels, Squid or sea scallops or combination, stir-fried with sliced onions,
         green beans, chili peppers, green onions and basil

L-14 Saigon Noodle                                                                                $8.95
       Vermicelli noodle topped with grilled pork (or) chicken, served over mixed green vegetable

L-15 Curry of the day                                                                            $9.95
Mon          = Yellow Curry                            Thurseday = Pa-nang Curry
         Tues/Sat    = Green Curry                           Friday       = Massamun Curry
         Wed / Sun = Red Curry
L-16 Soup & Salad / Appretizer Bar                                                     $6.00

All you can eat salad bar, appetizer, soup and fruits of the day


* Choices of Meat ; Chicken, Pork, Beef, Tofu ( or ) extra $ 2 for Shirmp

 Indicates spiciness         , Can be made vegetarian

Lunch Policy : 1. We can't split checks more than two ways during lunch hours.
                         2. All to go orders come with your choice of soup ( or ) salad
                         3. For tables of 5 or more, a 18 % gratuity will be added
                             at the waiter's discretion.
                         4. In order to keep our costs down, we ask that customers do not eat only
                             the appetizer bar with the intention of taking you entree home !!!
                             ( only small box can be given )

           *************Thanks for Your good corporation **********************

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