LOCATION : 909 Second Street, Marble Falls, Texas 78654 | Tel : ( 830 ) 693-7171 , Fax : ( 830 ) 693-8181
A1 Edamame                                         $3.00

      Japanese soy bean
A2 Cheese Roll                                  $5.00
      Golden fried cream cheese, onion, and mushrooms
A3 Soft Spring Roll                            $5.00
      Fresh soft spring roll with choice of shrimp or tofu
A4 Egg Roll                                        $5.00
      Fried egg eoll with crystal noodle, carrot, pork, and shrimp
A5 Royal Dumpling                               $5.00
      Steamed rice tart filled with pork and mushrooms
A6 Fried Tofu                                     $5.00
      Golden fried tofu, served with sweet & sour sauce & ground peanut
A7 Chicken Sate                                   $6.00
      Served charbroiled chicken on bamboo skewers
A8 Shrimp in Blanket                           $6.00
        Fried egg rolls w/ shrimp served w/ sweet & sour sauce
A8 Shrimp Toast                                   $6.00
        Marinated minced pork & shrimp spread on toast & deep fried
with cucumber sauce

S1 Crystal Noodle                            $4.00

      Minced chicken, crystal noodle & napa cabbage
      in a rich chicken broth
S2 Tom Kha Gai                                  $4.00
      Chicken or tofu in coconut milk with mushroom,
      scallion & cilantro

S3 Tom Yum Chicken                       $4.00
      Chicken with lemongrass soup, mushroom, cilentro
S4 Tom Yum Shrimp                         $6.00
      Shrimp with lemongrass soup, mushroom, cilantro
S5 Po Taek                                           $6.00
      Combination seafood with onion, green onion, ginger,       chili, & basil

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  D1 House Salad                                     $4.00
         Garden salads with your choice of peanut / ranch or ginger dressing
D2 Larb                                           $11.00
        Minced chicken with Thai salsa, red onion, scallion, mint, and chili
D3 Yum Woon Sen                                $11.00
       Cystal noodles w/ground pork, shrimp & onions, seasoned with
       lime juice & chili
D4 Yum Nur                                    $12.00
         Grilled top sirloin mixed with tomato, cucumber, onion, and chili

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R1 Original Fried Rice                         $10.00
      Stir-fried rice with tomato, egg, scallion, onion, garlic
      and Choice of meat
R2 Basil Fried Rice                        $11.00

      Sir-fried rice with basil, egg, bell pepper, scallion, onion,       broccoli and Choice of meat
R3 Pineapple Fried Rice                      $13.00
      Stir-fried rice with pineapple, onion, scallion, raisin,       cashew nut, and Choice of meat
R4 Pad Thai                                             $11.00
      Stir-fried rice noodle with egg, bean sprout, ground       peanut, and Choice of meat
R5 Pad See Ewe                                    $11.00
      Stir-fried rice noodle with Choice of meat, egg, broccoli,       bean sprout, and a sweet brown sauce
R6 Pad Kee Mao                            $11.00
      Stir-fried rice noodle with Choice of meat, tomato, chili,       bamboo shoot and basil
R7 Grilled Chicken Lemongrass             $13.00
      Grilled chicken in lemongrass sauce with vermicelli noodle
R8 Charcoal    Pork                                  $13.00
        Vermicelli noodles topped with grilled marinated pork,  
      and sweet - sour sauce

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  C1 Yellow Curry                                   $12.00
      Choice of meat with carrot, potato, and onion
C2 Green Curry                                 $12.00
      Choice of meat with bamboo shoot, green bean, and eggplant
C3 Red Curry                                        $12.00
      Choice of meat with pineapple, bamboo shoot, fresh basil
C4 Panang Curry                                      $12.00
      Choice of meat with bell pepper, kariff leave, and basil
C5 Massamun Curry                                $12.00
      Choice of meat with carrot, potato, and onions & peanuts
  F1 Basil Seafood                              $14.00
      Stir-fried shrimp, squid, scallop, and mussel with onion, green bean,       mushroom and basil
F2 Choo - Chee Shrimp                       $14.00
      Stir-fried shrimp, zucchini, tomato, onion, scallion, mushroom
      in Thai's Style curry 
F3 Grilled Salmon                                $15.00
     Grilled Salmon topped with chili sauce & served with steamed veggie
F4 Soft Shell Crab                                $16.00
     Crispy soft shell crab served with chili sauce
F5 Steamed Sea Bass                           $18.00
     Our best seafood dish Sea Bass steamed with lemongrass
     in " tom yum " Sauce
F6 Fish Triple Flavor                             $14.00
     Breaded white fish filet in triple flavor sauce

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E1 Veggie Lover                                 $10.00
      Stir-fried mixed veggies in a light brown sauce served
      with  your preferred Choice of meat

E2 Taste of Basil                          $12.00

      Stir-fried Choice of meat with onion, bell pepper, green       bean, chili and basil in Thai black sauce

E3 Taste of Ginger                              $12.00

      Stir-fried fresh ginger, Choice of meat with onion, white
      mushrooms, broccoli and snow pea in a Thai black sauce

E4 Chicken Peanut Sauce                      $12.00

      Thinly slice chicken  breast stir fried with green beans
      & onions, in a rich peanut sauce

E5 Cashew Chicken                             $12.00

      Lightly breaded Chicken stir fried with fresh pineapple,     
      roasted cashews and dried chili

E6 Sizzling Plate                                   $14.00
      Stir-fried onion, scallion & mushroom served on hot plate
E7 Tiger Cry                                         $15.00

      Charbroiled top sirloin served with spicy Thai style salsa

E8 Garlic Chicken                                   $12.00

      Stir-fried Chicken and garlic sauce w/ mixed vegetables

E9 Pad Prik King                               $12.00

       Stir-fried Choice of meat with Thai green bean, and
       mixed red /green bell pepper in a spicy red curry sauce

E10 Tamarind Duck                             $17.00

      Deep fried duck serve w/ tamarind sauce & steam veggie

E11 Chicken Teriyaki                             $12.00
       Grilled chicken in Teriyaki sauce served over steamed        vegetables

E12 Sesame Chicken                                $12.00
      Breaded Chicken breast with sweet teriyaki sauce, 
      broccoli and crisps noodle

E13 Sesame Beef                               $12.00
      Thinly slice beef marinated in fresh ginger & Thai black
      sauce stir fried w/mushroom & onion top w/ sesame seed

      KID'S MENU
  K1 French Fries                                     $2.00
K2 Chicken Fried Rice                          $4.00

K3 Chicken Nuggets                             $3.50

K4 Side of Fried Rice                            $3.50

       ( Choice of pineapple, basil, or original fried rice )
K5 House Salad                                     $4.00
       ( Garden salad with your choice of peanut, ranch, or ginger dressing )
  Spring Rolls                                          $16 per dozen
Cheese Rolls                                        $16 per dozen
Egg Rolls                                              $15 per dozen
Chicken Sate                                        $18 per dozen
Pad Thai                                                $35 per tray
Fried Rice                                             $35 per tray

 ( please call for more details, price can be change without notice )

  D1 Fried Banana with Honey                         $3.50
D2 Coconut Ice Cream
D3 Sticky Rice with egg custard                    $4.00
D4 Sticky Rice with Mango (Seasonal)         $4.50

      Traditional Thai Dessert of sweet sticky rice and fresh mango
D5 Fried Ice Cream                                        $3.50
D6 Purple Rice Pudding                                  $3.50 
* Choices of Meat ; Chicken, Pork, Beef, Tofu
                               ( or ) extra $ 2 for Shirmp

 Indicates spiciness               , Can be made vegetarian
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